Dynamic Concrete Pumping 57 meter 6 section RZ-fold boom pump manufactured by DY Concrete Pumps

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Boom Specifications – Roll-and-Z-Fold Design

Height & Reach57S-6RZ
Vertical reach56.2 m184′ 5″
Horizontal reach52.2 m171′ 3″
Reach from front of truck50.16 m164′ 7″
Reach depth41.3 m135′ 6″
Unfolding height11.6 m38′ 1″
Boom Section Articulation
1st section articulation90 °
2nd section articulation180 °
3rd section articulation180 °
4th section articulation245 °
5th section articulation240 °
6th section articulation90 °

Boom Section Lengths
1st section length11.3 m37′ 1″
2nd section length9.25 m30′ 4″
3rd section length9.25 m30′ 4″
4th section length11 m36′ 1″
5th section length6.9 m22′ 28″
6th section length4.5 m14′ 9″
General Specs
Pipeline size (ID) metric ends125 mm5″
Rotation360 degree non-continuous swing
End hose – length3.5 m11’ 6″
End hose – diameter125 mm5″
Front Outrigger Spread: Swing out, telescope & extend down11.8 m38′ 9″
Rear Outrigger Spread: Swing & extend down12.3 m40′ 4″

Pump Specifications

Outputrod side
piston side
180 m3/hr
121 m3/hr
235 yd3/hr
158 yd3/hr
Pressurerod side
piston side
85 bar
130 bar
1,232 psi
1,886 psi
Material cylinder diameter230 mm9″
Stroke length2100 mm6’11”
Max strokesPer minute
Rod side
Piston side
1 minute
Volume controlZero to full
Hard-chromed material cylindersStandard
Hydraulic systemClosed-loop
Hydraulic system pressure350 bar5,075 psi
Differential cylinder diameter140 mm5.5″
Road diameter80 mm3″
Maximum size aggregate60 mm2.4″

57-Meter 6-Section RZ Concrete Boom Pumps

57 meter 6 section RZ concrete boom pump manufactured for Pompage Provincial

The invention and advancement of concrete pumping capabilities have revolutionized the construction industry. As the types of buildings and architectural designs continue to evolve, so does our concrete pumping technology.

When you’re looking for ways to speed up productivity, improve quality and overcome the challenges of modern commercial construction projects, nothing beats the performance and versatility of a 6-section, 57-meter concrete boom pump.

The Most Impressive 57-Meter Concrete Boom Pumps for Commercial Projects

RZ 57 meter concrete boom pump manufactured by DY Concrete Pumps for Burbidge

The RZ 57-meter concrete boom pump is our longest and most productive pump for medium to large commercial construction sites. The 57S-6RZ features a 6-section boom that allows for ultimate maneuverability compared to other 57-meter boom pumps available in todays market. Ideal for use as a high-rise concrete boom pump, you benefit from high-performance delivery of materials in tight spaces and to elevated locations for a faster return on your investment.

Our 57-meter concrete boom pumps provide a 360-degree continuous swing motion for exceptional mobility. The 6-section design with simplified radio remote controls make it easier for operators to move the boom into the optimal position for less labor-intensive pumping of concrete. It’s ideal for pumping concrete to upper floors of a building for walls and columns, as well as for foundations, decks, parking structures and more.

Whether you’re working in a congested urban center or taking on a massive high-rise project, you benefit from exceptional vertical, horizontal and front-of-truck reach, as well as:

Reliable and Productive 6-Section Concrete Boom Pumps

DY Concrete Pumps Inc. calls on years of experience serving customers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our high-quality booms are designed and manufactured using robotic-welded, exceptionally-strong steel for lasting durability. Units also feature manual engine override options for safer performance and are backed by a limited one-year warranty on parts.

As a full-service source for commercial concrete boom pumps, DY provides an extensive inventory of replacement parts in stock for all models. Cold climate packages are also available on 57S-6RZ boom pumps to ensure you’re ready to meet all local operating requirements in the winter weather. We offer strategically placed locations in Calgary and Dallas/Fort Worth, so we can get you the parts you need fast and eliminate costly downtime.

DY Concrete Pumps: Taking Utilization to a New Level!

The most significant and challenging commercial construction projects call for innovative solutions that save time and money while delivering results. Our 6-section, 57-meter concrete boom pumps help you get more work done in less time, lowering your company’s manual labor requirements so you can better allocate your assets.

Whether you’re looking for an effective high-rise concrete boom pump or an answer for keeping pace on a massive commercial project, we have the solutions you’re searching for. Contact us by filling out our online request form to receive assistance from a knowledgeable, live representative.

Pump Working Range

diagram showing DY Concrete Pumps 57S-6RZ pump working range

DY Concrete Pumps 57-M concrete boom pump with dimensions

Photos and drawings are for illustrative purposes only. Dimensions will vary with different truck makes, models and specifications. For available options, please contact the factory.

Operator Friendly HBC Radio Remote

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Chassis Options


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