concrete contractor using a Husqvarna floor saw to complete a project at a stadium

Husqvarna Millenium floor saw blade

Productive machines for all types of floors and roads

Our extensive range of floor saws includes productive machines for floors, driveways, car parks, roadways, runways, new and old concrete, and asphalt. We continually develop efficient solutions, so that you are able to fulfil your requirements – both today and tomorrow.

Husqvarna RS 8500 D rider saw available from DY Concrete PumpsHusqvarna RS 8500 D

Husqvarna RS 8500 D is a powerful, efficient rider saw, specifically designed for large projects with cutting depth up to 10.5″ and with upcut configuration standard.


Husqvarna FS 9900 D floor saw equipment from DY Concrete PumpsHusqvarna FS 9900 D

For large jobs, especially jobs that require deep cutting or high production rates. Deeps sawing applications, and versatile enough for smaller jobs that require high production rates.

Husqvarna FS 413 floor saw available from DY Concrete Pumps

Husqvarna FS 413

The FS 400 series floor saws are true multi-purpose concrete saws, available with 11 hp Honda gas engines. They are compact and developed with a clear focus on ergonomics, making them ideal for small to mid-sized jobs.