DY Concrete has plate compactors and rammers in our current inventory. We carry models from two of the top names in the industry. With years of experience, our team is ready to help you find the right plate compactors and rammers for your next job.

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About Plate Compactors and Rammers

At DY Concrete Pumps, we carry compactors and rammers — useful tools for compaction at construction sites.

Plate Compactors

Plate compactors help create a stable subsurface by compacting certain soils or gravel. The equipment has a heavy plate and an engine that vibrates it, moving up and down. As a result, the force, impacts and weight help compact the ground beneath the equipment.

Often, you will use these machines for compacting granular soil like sand or gravel. A handful of passes over the ground are required to get the necessary compaction. You can use compactors on asphalt and sub-base in several applications. Additionally, they are helpful for small or tight spaces where a larger roller would not fit.


A rammer operates similarly. Rammers apply repetitive downward force to increase soil density. However, this equipment often works well for cohesive soil because it is smaller.

Rammers also work well in even smaller or tighter spots — such as trenches — where plate compactors cannot fit. Most rammers can compact deeper soil amounts because the force is more direct than on a plate compactor.

Options Available

We offer rammers and plate compactors from Multiquip and Wacker Neuson, including:

Benefits of Plate Compactors and Rammers

Plate compactors and rammers offer numerous benefits for the construction industry. Common advantages include:

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