White Freightliner chassis

The Freightliner M2 started out as a lightweight, less expensive option for our small boom pumps. With superior visibility, comfort and style it was quickly discovered that this was a truck operators enjoy driving. These M2’s do a great job under a 32 meter or a 37 meter concrete pump. With the Cummins 9 liter engine with 345 HP and 1,150 lbs.ft. of torque and mate it to an Allison automatic for the bigger units. They ride beautifully and are quiet inside as you drive down the road; it’s a comfort level you might find in a newer pick-up.

Freightliner M2 Features

No two job sites are the same, but the entire concrete pumping industry is tough on trucks and equipment. If you’re operating in the industry, you need a specialized and versatile truck that will provide comfort and efficiency. The Freightliner M2 checks all those boxes and more. Choose a truck or a tractor, and you’ll get an all-around performer that can handle a variety of bodies and chassis-mounted equipment.

When you choose a Freightliner M2, you’ll receive easy maneuverability thanks to a tight turning radius. Your drivers can operate in the tightest situations, whether they’re placing concrete in a big city with narrow streets or a large open space for a stadium. Drivers can also stay comfortable in the spacious and modern cab.

Do you have particular specs in mind? You can customize your own Freightliner concrete pump truck so that it’s engineered to reduce costs and time. Freightliner also offers clear frame rails and different exhaust packages to suit your needs for the job at hand. Once you receive your Freightliner M2, you can take it to work right away.


What started as a lightweight, inexpensive truck meant for mounted line pumps has turned into a truck giving you superior visibility, comfort and style. Many operators have fallen in love with the Freightliner M2 and its comfort level, quiet cab and smooth ride. It’s a great option to add to your concrete pumps for greater efficiency during any application.

Benefits of Using a Freightliner Concrete Pumping Truck

Adding a Freightliner M2 to your fleet will help you improve uptime and create happier clients and operators. Comfortable cabs ensure that drivers can operate at peak performance all day, and the M2 106 features a tilted hood, giving you easy access to the engine. You can quickly and easily inspect the truck and ensure that routine maintenance is hassle-free.

Other notable benefits of using a Freightliner concrete pump truck follow:

Work With DY Concrete Pumps to Outfit Your Freightliner

Once you have your truck, you need concrete pumps from DY Concrete Pumps to add to it. Our various options, such as the 360-degree continuous swing boom and z-type booms, will help you place concrete while lowering cost and maximizing efficiency. Contact us today to get a quote on a concrete pump or browse our entire selection to find an option that meets your needs.