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After decades of design and engineering innovation, concrete pumps have become the most cost-effective and efficient choice for pouring and placing concrete. A replacement for having to manually mix and transfer materials on site, modern concrete pumping trucks eliminate labor requirements, speed up cycle times and deliver improved results. When you invest in concrete boom pumps for residential or commercial use from DY Concrete Pumps, you benefit from innovative solutions for maximizing productivity and efficiency.

Before the popularization of truck mounted concrete pump trucks, there were far more work and limitations involved in concrete placing, laying concrete foundations, building walls and a variety of other jobs. The piston operated pump pushes the liquefied concrete mixture through discharge pipes for rapid distribution over an extended range. This upgrade to the boom system revolutionized the concrete pumping industry and set the standard for concrete boom pump performance. With impressive horizontal and vertical reach capabilities, commercial and residential concrete boom pumps deliver materials to particular locations without having to transport heavy buckets or use a crane to reach elevated positions.

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Applications and Advantages of Commercial and Residential Concrete Pumps

DY’s concrete pump trucks are widely used in a broad range of residential and commercial construction projects. Our unique pumping system allows for faster production and pouring, as well as higher accuracy with less material waste. While most traditional concrete operations are stationary, a concrete pumping truck allows you to maneuver your placing boom around the job site and lets you access places and solve challenges that were previously impossible to overcome.


Concrete boom pumps are designed to reach over and around obstacles to deliver concrete to virtually anywhere on your job site. This advancement is ideal for applications ranging from filling concrete forms to speeding up the process of laying a large foundation to reach concrete pumping which involves pouring concrete at large heights. Our concrete boom pumps come in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 33 meters all the way to 63 meters for the biggest and toughest jobs.

The rise of concrete pumping has revolutionized the ability to put up high-rise buildings and tall structures, providing for the consistent flow of materials for increased uptime and productivity. The growth of ready-mixed concrete across the globe has made the need for pumping increase dramatically.

Concrete boom pumps are excellent tools for infrastructure projects like flyovers, bridges, hydro, airports and metros. These applications typically need to apply large quantities in a short amount of time. Everything from large commercial jobs to medium-sized construction sites can benefit from concrete pumping machines.

Other common applications for these pumps include:

Concrete pump trucks and truck-mounted concrete pumps from DY Concrete Pumps require less water than bucket mixing or mixer trucks, resulting in improved long-term structural integrity without cracking or shrinking. This way, property owners spend less time and money on maintenance, repairs and replacement. This innovation is one of the biggest breakthroughs for building impressive 21st-century structures for your clients. Additional benefits include:


A line pump, or stationary pump, is a long hose that you can mount onto a trailer or truck. A line pipe is ideal for a direct concrete pour and horizontal pumping since you can extend the length of the pipe as necessary. A concrete line pump is typically far smaller and more compact than the alternative boom pump. This feature gives them the advantage of convenient mobility around crowded construction sites.

The concrete line pump is a highly flexible tool that you’ll often see on smaller residential projects like a construction company paving someone’s driveway or installing a new swimming pool. It’s also common to use in areas where a boom pump can’t fit because of a tight space or difficult to move obstacles. These pumps even have the flexibility to snake through alleys and around houses in spaces where a truck could never park.

The pump you select depends on your type of project. Other typical applications for a concrete line pump include:

Reliable and Efficient Truck-Mounted Concrete Pumps From DY

DY Concrete Pumps calls on years of end-user industry experience to bring you the top-quality products you require at an affordable price. As one of the premier concrete pump manufacturers in North America, we take great pride in providing products that improve jobsite efficiency. We carry commercial and residential concrete boom pumps in a variety of sizes and configurations. Whether you need a four-section or six-section concrete boom truck, an RZ or roll and fold design or a 37, 43 or 57-meter model, you’ll find everything you need in our impressive inventory. Our inventory includes new and used concrete pumps.

Our pumps offer:

Learn more about how DY Concrete Pumps Inc. helps take utilization to new levels. Fill out our online contact form for additional information and to request a quote from one of the premier concrete pump companies in North America.

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