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Concrete Boom Pumps

Over the past half-century, a variety of concrete boom pumps have taken the place of traditional methods of concrete mixing and distribution. Before the development of the boom pump, concrete was produced through manual labor or a using a mixing truck. The advent of a more flexible and effective process helps residential and commercial construction sites of all sizes operate more efficiently. Truck-mounted concrete boom pumps are now the industry standard for pumping efficiency as they allow you to maneuver the concrete placing boom anywhere around the job site.

If you’re searching for new ways for your company to speed up production times, or if you want to learn more about the latest line of boom pumps for sale, you’ve come to the right place. DY Concrete Pumps is a leading producer of top-quality concrete boom pumps designed to save your operation time and money. We can even help you find used concrete boom pumps.

What Is a Concrete Boom Pump, and How Does It Work?

A substantial amount of labor is required to mix cement in buckets and transport it around the job site, whether that’s manually or by crane. A concrete or cement boom pump is a piston-operated piece of equipment designed to transfer the materials in its liquid form by pumping it through discharge pipes.

The high-powered piston pumps and stable structures of DY pumps allow mixtures of dense, thick, abrasive and jagged fluids and aggregates to flow through the system without causing blockages and damage. Because the concrete boom system uses less water than traditional methods, you benefit from improved structural integrity and longevity with less required maintenance and repairs.

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What Different Models Does DY Offer?

We offer a variety of boom pump sizes and configurations to meet your unique requirements. You’re able to select the models you need based on factors such as boom design, unfolding height, vertical and horizontal reach, pump output and pressure specification. DY offers four-section, five-section, and six-section concrete boom trucks, Z-type and roll and fold models and pump lengths from 33 meters to 63 meters.

a DY concrete pump manufactured for Dynamic Concrete Pumping at the World of Concrete event

Why Are Concrete Boom Pumps More Convenient?

These innovative products for moving concrete materials offer high-volume pumping with flexible and accurate delivery. The boom design allows you to reach over and around objects, making it possible to pump in locations that were previously inaccessible. Concrete boom pumps are ideal for busy job sites with lots of obstacles, and their design flexibility makes them the ideal pumping solution on or around bridges. Units are conveniently truck-mounted and mobile for use at multiple job sites in one day, while the 360-degree continuous swing boom reaches to virtually any spot the mixture is to be set. All these features combined make the concrete boom pumps manufactured by DY the pinnacle of concrete pouring efficiency.

What Are Concrete Pumps Used For?

Boom pumps are used to move concrete for a broad range of applications with less required labor and increased speed and efficiency. In commercial construction, they make it possible to fill in large foundations with less downtime and delays and to deliver concrete for high-rise projects.

Boom pumps also offer a faster and easier way to place concrete sidewalks, slabs and patios in residential projects, as well as overcome challenges relating to working around obstacles or on soft ground.

Boom Pumps for Sale From DY Concrete Pumps

DY is a leading source of 360-degree continuous rotating roll and Z-type booms for sale designed and manufactured using robotic welded, high-quality steel. When you choose concrete boom pumps from us, you benefit from:


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