Mack MR chassis

The Mack MRU series has been a leader in the concrete pumping industry for many years. With a reputation for rugged durability, Mack’s proven powertrain and low maintenance suspension has enabled Pumpers to maximize profits and minimize down time. The new clean-burning MP-7 and MP-8 series engines, designed to meet federal emission standards, provide up to 485 HP (1760 lbs.ft. of torque) for the larger pumps and 395 HP (1560 lbs.ft. of torque) for the smaller pump models. A variety of axle configurations and wheel bases are available to meet the State and Provincial motor vehicle regulations in your area. For those of you wanting to drink coffee on the way to your early morning pour, Allison automatic transmissions are available.

Mack TerraPro® Cabover

You need a chassis for the concrete pumping industry that meets certain job site applications and makes your job as an operator easier. Mack’s TerraPro is one of the toughest cabovers in the industry, with maximum payload in a compact dimension. If you pair it with an mDRIVE™ HD heavy-duty automated manual transmission, you’ll get a fuel-efficient truck that’s easy to drive and operate.

Some of the features of this Mack concrete pump truck include:


The various specifications of a Mack truck will help you perform the best at any job site. Whether you’re pouring concrete for a new housing development or building a large commercial structure, installing a concrete pump on this truck chassis will help you work efficiently and safely.

Benefits of Investing in a Mack Truck

A Mack concrete pump truck works by pouring concrete into the hopper of the pump. The truck’s engine will power the pump, which pushes concrete through a placement boom to the area where you want it to go. You won’t have to worry about accessing the area, and you can place concrete faster and safer with less labor.

If you install your concrete pump on a truck that isn’t reliable, it could break down or fail to make it to your job site as scheduled. This issue will set back your entire project and working plan and throw the job into jeopardy. Maximizing your uptime is just one of the benefits of choosing a Mack truck for your concrete pumping applications. Other notable pros include:

  • Access to the Mack support hotline 24 hours a day
  • Detection of issues and possible problems fast through the Mack GuardDog® Connect telematics network
  • Custom designed trucks depending on your needs
  • All applicable weight laws met
  • Operation in any type of weather, even in freezing environments
  • Maximization of payload so that you can handle more per trip and ultimately save time
  • Greater safety from braking power, turning radius and other important features

Choose the Right Concrete Pump Today

Your chassis is only part of the equation — you need high-quality concrete pumps that will help you place concrete faster. At DY Concrete Pumps, we use advanced technology to manufacture and distribute concrete boom pumps that will help you maximize productivity and reduce your operating costs. When you pair our pumps with a Mack truck, you can drive to your job site every day confident about the workday ahead.

Contact us today to request a quote for a concrete pump, or continue browsing through our concrete pump options.


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