DY Concrete Pumps offer Oztec Concrete Vibrators. Oztec vibrators come in both left and right hand styles, and come with custom flexshaft lengths to suit the customers requirements.

Custom Flexshafts

We offer custom Flexshaft lengths to our customers. If you do not want one of the pre-made lengths available, we can make a custom length to suit your requirements.

We are also able to repair damaged flexshafts that are able to be shortened.

Durable Steel Heads

Oztec Vibrator Heads produce the highest amplitude and centrifugal force, generating the largest radius of influence of any heads available.Oztec Vibrator Heads available from DY Concrete Pumps

Energy is efficiently transferred from the motor, via the shaft, to the head, which is all eccentric (vibrating the entire head). Whether combined with one of Oztec’s electric or gasoline powered motors and choice of flexible shafts…The results are exceptional!

Superior consolidation, increased productivity and a process more forgiving of less than perfect vibrating techniques.

The benefits?

Lower cost…Higher earnings…Superior quality concrete!!

Electric Motors

Oztec electric motors for concrete vibrators available from DY Concrete PumpsOztec’s electric motors are manufactured to exacting specifications to withstand the rough day to day abuses associated with construction sites. Lightweight, compact and fitted with our comfortable adjustable shoulder strap, this one man power unit will speed through the stiffest concrete. Using the Vibrator Selection Chart below allows you to combine power units with any of Oztec’s steel or rubber vibrator heads for maximum productivity.

All Oztec’s Power Units (gas and electric) run vibrator heads 11,000 to 12,000 vpm. They never drop below 10,000vpm even in the lowest slump concrete (near 0) when maximum head size specifications are followed.

Oztec power units come with the regular threaded time system, or the Quick Disconnect “QD” system. Changing shafts and heads on the job is a snap.

Don’t have power on your job site? We also offer backpack vibrator solutions!

Job Site Proven

Tough, Rugged, and Durable! Oztec’s design has been extensively tested and used on-the-job for over thirty years.Oztec backpack concrete vibrator available from DY Concrete Pumps

The wrap around protective frame and shock absorbers effectively protect Oztec motors from damage even when dropped or thrown from heights of over six feet.

In House Service Center

We have a complete service center that provides quick turn around service for our customers. With parts in stock, the average turn around on vibrator service and repairs is less than 24 hours.