Boom Specification – Roll-and-Z-Fold Design

Height & Reach21X-4R
Vertical reach20.5 m67'3″
Horizontal reach17.2 m56’5″
Reach from front of truck14.5m47' 7"
Reach depth11.6 m38’1″
Unfolding height4.4 m14′5"
Boom Section Articulation
1st section articulation90 °
2nd section articulation180 °
3rd section articulation240 °
4th section articulation247 °

 Boom Section Length
1st section length5.7 m18'8”
2nd section length3.8 m12’6″
3rd section length3.8 m12’6″
4th section length3.9 m12'10"
General Specs
Pipeline size (ID) metric ends125 mm5″
Rotation360 degree non-continuous swing
End hose – length3 m10’
End hose – diameter125 mm5″
Front Outrigger Spread: Swing out, telescope & extend down4 m13'1″
Rear Outrigger Spread: Swing & extend down2.9 m9’6″

Pump Specifications

Outputrod side
piston side
93 m3/hr
58 m3/hr
122 yd3/hr
76 yd3/hr
Pressurerod side
piston side
92 bar
148 bar
1,334 psi
2,147 psi
Material cylinder diameter200 mm8″
Stroke length1400 mm4’7”
Strokesper minute
rod side
piston side
1 minute
Volume ControlZero to full
Hydraulic system pressure350 bar5,075 psi
Differential cylinder diameter130 mm5″
Rod diameter80 mm3″
Maximum size aggregate60 mm2.4″

21-Meter R-Fold Concrete Boom Pumps

The 21X-4R concrete boom pump is the ideal choice for residential and commercial construction job sites requiring less range and more mobility. This 21-meter concrete boom pump features a four-section, roll and fold  boom that provides maximum versatility. The pump is designed to unfold and open in tight spaces and can unfold under a 19 foot ceiling height, making it perfect for working in and around existing structures as well as under bridge decks and other overhead obstructions.


What Benefits Does the 21X-4R Concrete Boom Pump Provide?

If you’re in the construction business and need a fast, efficient method for pouring concrete, our 21-meter concrete boom pump offers the following benefits:

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