How Far Can a Concrete Pump Reach?

Posted On: 12/30/2021 | Posted by: DY Concrete Pumps

how far can a concrete pump reach

Over the last 50 years, concrete pumps have revolutionized the construction industry. Before pumps became popular, contractors needed wheelbarrows, buckets and shovels to distribute concrete around their work sites. Hard-to-reach areas were particularly challenging for distribution, as the concrete would begin to set long before it arrived at its destination.

Today, pumps have allowed workers to streamline the entire process. Pumps distribute concrete at a much higher rate in previously inaccessible areas. More importantly, they have eliminated much of the manual labor involved with conventional methods by delivering the concrete exactly where it needs to go.

Types of Concrete Pumps

Two types of pumps exist for pumping concrete in construction — boom pumps and line pumps. Boom pump systems are mounted onto a truck and are ideal for pouring higher volumes of concrete quickly and efficiently. They’re also perfect for projects involving elevation.

Line pumps are more compact and usually come attached to a small trailer. They use hoses to distribute concrete horizontally. Although they provide more versatility and flexibility than a boom pump, line pumps are not nearly as efficient.

Both designs use twin-cylinder hydraulic pumps for power.

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Reach Distances of Boom Pumps

Boom pumps are the practical choice for large-scale projects that require a high distribution of concrete. One of the most significant advantages boom pumps have over line pumps is transporting concrete vertically. This feature is ideal for construction projects involving multiple floors and the need for builders to deliver material at height.

Boom pumps vary in length depending on the size of the truck. At DY Concrete Pumps, our 33X-5ZZ boom pump has a vertical reach of more than 32 meters and a horizontal reach of almost 28 meters. Our 57S-6RZ boom pump has a vertical reach of more than 56 meters and a horizontal reach of over 52 meters.

While the 33X-5ZZ is exceptional for jobs requiring less range and more mobility, the 57S-6RZ is better suited for more extensive jobs requiring streamlined delivery in high-rise applications.

Reach Distances of Line Pumps

While line pumps are much slower in their distribution than boom pumps, their flexibility makes them more practical for smaller-scale projects, like residential applications involving swimming pools or repaving driveways. Line pumps can achieve reach distances as far as the hose will allow. Many line pumps can comfortably distribute concrete at distances greater than 50 meters.

DY Concrete Pumps offers a TP-50 line pump and a TP-70 line pump in trailer forms. Our CTY-100 line pump is more expansive, as the system comes mounted on a medium-duty truck. The CTY-100 is ideal for urban applications that need speed and efficiency while also requiring the mobility of something slightly smaller than a boom pump.

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