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TP-70 Specifications

Dimensions & Weight
Weight8500 lbs3855 kg
Length16' 2"4.93 m
Width w/ Tires6' 2"1.88 m
Height7' 10"2.39 m
Hopperft3 L
Fuel Tank GALL

Performance Specifications
Engine ModelDeutz TAD580VE
Horsepower140 hp
Emission StandardTier 4 Final
Technical Specifications
Output: Rod Side73 yd3/hr56 m3/hr
Output: Piston Side48 yd3/hr56 m3/hr
Pressure: Rod Side1,030 psi71 bar
Pressure: Piston Side1,537 psi106 bar
Material Cylinder Diameter8"200 mm
Material Cylinder Stroke Length39"1,000 mm
Max Strokes Per MinuteRod Side
Piston Side
Volume ControlZero - Full
Number of Shift Cylinders2

Trailer Specifications
Axle Capacitylbskg
Tires/load range

TP-70 Concrete Line Pump

Trailer pumps, or concrete line pumps, are stationary concrete pumps mounted on trailers, allowing you to attach a hose and direct high volumes of concrete anywhere you need to for your construction purposes. We are well-known for our expertise in manufacturing reliable, efficient, high-quality concrete line pumps. One of the most popular in our varied line of pumps is our TP-70 Concrete Line Pump.

What Are the Benefits of the TP-70 Concrete Line Pump?

If your construction project calls for structural concrete work, where your concrete is supporting the design load, either on its own or in combination with structural steel, the TP-Concrete Line Pump is very likely the machine you need.

You can easily maneuver this line pump to get the concrete exactly where you want it, and it can pump even the toughest concrete mixes, so there’s no need to worry about damaging the pump. This makes this concrete line pump ideal for a variety of industrial, commercial and warehouse jobs, as well as some residential projects.

What Are the Features of the TP-70 Concrete Line Pump?

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The place to order a TP-70 Concrete Line Pump you can be sure will do the job is DY Concrete Pumps.

When you order a TP-70 Concrete Line Pump from DY Concrete Pumps, you not only get a great machine manufactured by highly qualified experts at a great price. You also get unparalleled support. You can contact us anytime you need replacement parts or have questions. For a custom quote or to find a sales representative in your area, call 1-844-397-8677 or submit a request online now.



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