The Complete Guide to Concrete Pump Operators

Posted On: 12/01/2021 | Posted by: DY Concrete Pumps

the complete guide to concrete pump operators

Several contractors rely on concrete pump trucks to pour concrete efficiently for commercial and residential construction projects. As more companies opt to use pump trucks, the demand for skilled concrete pump operators increases.

In this post, we have you covered with a complete guide to what a concrete pump operator does and how these professionals play an essential role in the construction process. Additionally, we break down the different duties and requirements these operators must perform to provide the utmost level of service.

What Does a Concrete Pump Truck Operator Do?

So what is a concrete pump operator? At its core, these skilled laborers are responsible for maintaining the efficient operation of the pump truck used to pour concrete for construction projects. On a typical day, concrete pump truck operators can find themselves driving to and from multiple construction sites to pump concrete. Therefore, it becomes essential that these operators have the necessary experience and knowledge to perform their duties.

The baseline duties and responsibilities for concrete pump operator jobs consist of:

  • Driving the truck: Since pump operators are on multiple construction sites each day, they must learn to safely drive the pump truck back and forth from different locations. They are also responsible for returning the truck to the storage yard at the end of the day.
  • Operating equipment: There are often spots where it is difficult for a typical concrete shoot to reach a construction site. A concrete pump solves this problem by pouring concrete into those hard-to-get spaces. Therefore, pump operators must know how to navigate and direct concrete pouring from the pump truck’s equipment.
  • Maintaining equipment: To get the most out of a concrete pump truck, operators need to perform post-project maintenance of the concrete pump equipment properly.
  • Inspecting equipment: Many problems can go wrong with a pump truck. Concrete pump operators must know how to recognize common issues with pump equipment to prevent injuries to crew members.
  • Cleaning equipment: Pump operators must also take the time to clean and remove any excess concrete from the truck at the end of each day.

The demand for these highly skilled workers is high in the construction industry, making it a lucrative career option. Concrete pump operators should expect to work long hours and take on a high level of responsibility to get the job done.

How to Become a Concrete Pump Operator

Before someone can become a concrete pump operator, they must learn the skills and knowledge needed to perform the job at a high level successfully. Unlike a regular truck, several different components make up a concrete pump truck operation.

First, operators must have training on how to operate the truck, boom and pump properly. This requires extensive training on how to safely and effectively use the pump equipment.

Typically, concrete pump truck operator training involves gaining experience through:

  • On-job training: All training is handled in-house by the company hiring the concrete pump operator.
  • Manufacturer training: Training is often performed by the actual pump manufacturer.
  • Technical education: This training usually incorporates a classroom-like experience where students can learn skills through computer-based programs.
  • ACPA training: The American Concrete Pumping Association (ACPA) also offers several training resources, programs and materials to help educate concrete pump operators on best practices.

Additionally, operators must obtain professional certification offered by the ACPA. However, there are some basic education requirements that operators must meet before getting ACPA certified. To fulfill these requirements, one must complete:

  • The ACPA Operator Safety Presentation 5.0
  • The ACPA Operator Safety Presentation 4.01 program
  • The ACPA Operator Safety Seminar

There are several benefits of getting certified as a concrete pump operator. With up-to-date industry knowledge of concrete pump truck operations, workers can maintain safety standards to prevent on-site accidents. Certification also attracts employers looking for highly skilled and experienced pump operators, and continued education keeps you informed on the best practices and safety guidelines through recertification programs.

employers look for concrete pump operators that are honest and responsible, flexible and dependable, customer-centric, and effective communicators that love their jobs

What Employers Look for In a Good Concrete Pump Truck Operator

It’s one thing to have training and knowledge about the concrete pump profession, but do you have what contractors look for when hiring an operator? When looking to fill concrete pump operator jobs, many pumping companies look for both the skills and qualities of a potential hire. It is crucial to understand the intrinsic qualities that can help you get hired as a concrete pump professional to set yourself apart.

Career Enjoyment

To truly perform the duties of a concrete pump operation well, an operator must have a genuine love for the profession. In other words, pump operators should strive to bring enjoyment and excitement to each day on the job. They should proudly embrace the challenging work of this profession.

Honesty and Responsibility

Concrete pump operators are entrusted with the responsibility to operate heavy-duty machinery daily. In these situations, there is always the chance for something to go wrong. Therefore, pump operators must take ownership of the operation and speak up when they feel something could go wrong. Safety is the number one priority when using a concrete pump truck, and it is the operator’s job to maintain that safety.

Flexibility and Dependability

Before entering the profession, operators must understand that regular hours of operation do not apply. To maintain a high level of working performance, operators need to be willing to work different hours based on the construction project’s needs. Additionally, operators should always show up to a construction job ready to give their best effort. It is essential to be seen as a dependable worker in the company’s eyes that either hires or contracts your service.


In any industry, customer satisfaction is a top priority. It is crucial to have a customer-centric attitude toward the projects you are hired to complete in the concrete pumping profession. Operators must be willing to hear what the customer says and work to provide the best service possible. Operators should have a friendly personality and get along with others they work with on the job.


The final quality of an excellent concrete pump operator is their ability to communicate effectively with others on the construction site. They should take a proactive approach to ensure operations run as smoothly as possible. Operators need to take the initiative to learn how to communicate and manage others assisting with the process.

Aside from the intrinsic qualities of a good concrete pump operator, workers must possess some basic industry knowledge and traits:

  • Be able to drive the pump truck and maneuver in tight spaces
  • Have a high level of awareness for what is going on during the project to ensure worker safety
  • Must have a decent amount of industry knowledge on concrete and construction projects
  • Ability to make effective decisions on how to perform the day-to-day duties of the job
  • Fix problems with the different parts and equipment used to perform the pumping operation

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The demand for concrete pump operator jobs continues to grow for both commercial and residential construction projects. Those who choose to take on this career can expect steady work, good pay and a high level of responsibility.

Whether you’re looking to hire or become an operator, it’s crucial to thoroughly understand the knowledge, skills and requirements to handle the job. Knowing what makes an excellent concrete pump operator will help you perform the job at a high level. If you want to get more tips or information on becoming a concrete pump operator, please contact us online or call us today at 1-844-397-8677.

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