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DY Concrete Pumps was established in 1992. In the beginning, like any venture, there were certainly some challenges. However, determined to succeed, DY preserved and have earned a reputation of producing high quality concrete pumps in Korea for over 20 years. With a strong market share in the North American market, DY Concrete Pumps prides it's self on providing our customers with competitively priced concrete pumps, while still keeping the highest quality of standards.


With the development of new technology, our technical expertise, and cost competitiveness, DY will continue to grow and expand its presence throughout the global market with sales, parts, and service with facilities in Florida, Texas, and Alberta.


DY Korea has a strong reputation for producing the highest quality products through it's three departments including it's Industrial Machine Department (DY), Hydraulic Department (DYPower), and it's Automotive Department (DYAuto),


DYPower is the second largest exporter of hydraulic cylinders in the world. The in house designed and manufactured hydraulic cylinders supply some of the largest equipment manufactures in the world such as; John Deere, Caterpillar, Genie, Volvo and more.


DYAuto specializes in automotive electrical components such as window and wiper motors, cooling system motors, and more. You can find DYAuto components on manufactures such as; GM, Ford, Chrysler, VW, Kia, and more.


With 26 domestic and overseas R&D centers, DY is constantly optimizing their standard of quality by using optimized design systems, VPD, and professional test evaluation equipment.


DY Concrete Pumps Inc. offers the North American market 30 years of end user experience in the concrete pumping industry. It is that experience that translates to our outstanding customer service, and strategically placed mounting facilities with full inventories of DY parts throughout North America.


Combining the experience of both DY Korea and DY North America, we're supplying the market with an operator friendly, high quality, competitively priced concrete boom pump.


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